"Try on" the Leopard AR smartglass using AR Lens

Leopard AR lens
“Try on” the Leopard AR smartglass using AR Lens

“Trying on” glasses from your home is an ideal use case for augmented reality and already available from the likes of eyeglass brand Warby Parker. As we look to share the possibility of AR smartglasses to a global audience, we have come up with a way you can try on the very latest developer kit from WaveOptics – the Leopard – through an AR lens on Snapchat. Leopard, announced in August, has already been shortlisted in the AWE Auggie Awards 2021 for Best Headworn Device – watch this space to see if we win!

Leopard AR filter Snapcode

The Lens was created by the creative Gillian who was our Product Developer Intern in the Mechanical Design Team from June-August 2021. (pictured)

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