WaveOptics’ augmented reality waveguides and projectors unlock the potential of AR smartglasses and AR headsets for the consumer market. Learn more about us by reading the Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch via Contact page.

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Product FAQs

What does WaveOptics supply?

WaveOptics can supply:

  • Projectors,
  • Waveguides
  • Modules

Projectors FAQs

Does WaveOptics design Projectors in-house?

Yes, WaveOptics has the ability to design and build projectors in-house.

Modules FAQs

What is a Module?

A module usually contains: Waveguides (Left & Right), Chassis, Projectors & Electronics.

General FAQs

Who is WaveOptics?

WaveOptics AR lenses and projectors unlock the potential of augmented reality for the mass market.

Our AR lenses (also known as waveguides) and projectors are integrated into smart glasses, enabling users to see digital images overlaid on top of the real world.

Our waveguide technology transfers the light waves from the light source and projects them into the user’s eye. The technology produces a large eye-box, binocular viewing and a high field of view. The eye-box (the viewing window) is the size of the AR display from which the full image is visible. WaveOptics’ waveguides deliver crisp, undistorted text as well as stable imagery.

WaveOptics technology is designed to be used for immersive AR experiences in Industrial, enterprise and consumer markets. The Company aims for its waveguides to be the core optical component used in all AR wearable devices, driven by its unique technology and expertise, which enable unparalleled manufacturing scalability and visual performance as well as versatility for numerous applications.

What is the background of the WaveOptics team?

WaveOptics’ management team comprises AR experts who have over seven decades of accumulated experience. Their expertise cover a range of sectors including consumer electronics, gaming, defence, medical and mobile. Our application experts are leaders in the field of heads-up displays (HUDs) and head mounted displays (HMDs).

Our technology team are authorities on refractive and diffractive optical systems, optical design, imaging, illumination and integration into other parts of AR systems. This deep knowledge and practical experience allows WaveOptics to create waveguides with best in class fields of view, cost effective mass production and maximum design versatility.

Who are WaveOptics’ customers?

With WaveOptics’ waveguides, platform, hardware and software vendors have the power to realise their augmented reality ambitions, making them a mainstream reality.

WaveOptics isn’t sharing specific customer details right now, however, we do have a number of Tier 1 customers today and the list is growing daily. The waveguide technology is currently used in a variety of industries, including warehouse logistics engineering and transportation applications, by OEM and ODM customers in the US, Europe and Asia.

What is the company’s goal?

The company intends to see its diffractive waveguides become the essential ingredient in every pair of augmented reality glasses/headset produced, with unparalleled performance, at a price that makes the consumer experience possible.

Its aim is to help any partner build an AR wearable, by offering the key optical technology required at a price point that will allow AR mass market products. WaveOptics’ immediate vision revolves around achieving higher fields of view, manufacturing efficiency and more versatile materials for its waveguides.

Where is the company located?

WaveOptics is headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK. We have offices in Taipei and Beijing.

Why was WaveOptics created?

WaveOptics was created to enable mass adoption of truly scalable and immersive AR in all leading market segments – industrial, enterprise, and consumer.

WaveOptics’ patented technology is the core ingredient required to unlock mass market adoption of AR, as its diffractive waveguides can ensure high-performance display, wearability and scalability for real world applications at a low cost.


What R&D facilities does WaveOptics have?

We moved into our new purpose-built facility in March 2019. Approximately 25% of the floor area, representing 3,500 sq. ft, is occupied by R&D facilities including dark-rooms, prototyping facilities, machine shop, 3D print room and a customer suite.

Waveguides FAQs

How does the technology work?

WaveOptics’ creates transparent optical waveguides for full colour, near-eye augmented reality displays. Formed from glass with precision nano-structures, the technology is the combiner for augmented reality images.

With a large eye-box and a wide field of view, WaveOptics’ diffractive waveguides seamlessly combine real and virtual worlds. Crisp text and imagery is projected by our near-eye displays, presenting computer images which overlay the real world.

The light is transmitted along the waveguide (via total internal reflection) towards the output region where it is guided towards the eye.

This process, known as 2D pupil expansion, allows a small light engine to support a large eye-box. This enables an AR device that uses our waveguides to be small, light and can accommodate different head sizes and eye separations.