Spectacles Success Story

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Discover the next generation Spectacles by Snap

This was the result of a multi-year relationship for WaveOptics to design the ultimate waveguide which delivers clear and crisp imagery.

Snap’s first pair of smart glasses that bring augmented reality to life, launched in May 2021 at the Snap Partner Summit.

The challenge

Designing the waveguide to fit Snap’s industrial design with the prerequisite parameters. This required changing the waveguide outline design and extensive development to achieve the optical performance.

The solution

Spectacles are built for exploration. With dual 3D waveguide displays and a 26.3 degree diagonal field of view, immersive AR Lenses are overlaid on the world in front of you. The display dynamically adjusts, shining up to 2000 Nits of brightness so you can use them indoors or outside.

134g | Touchpad | 2000 nits brightness | 3D waveguide displays | 2 RGB cameras | 4 microphones

Powered by Snap’s Snap Spatial Engine, which leverages six degrees of freedom, hand, marker and surface tracking, Spectacles realistically bring your creations to life. With 15 millisecond motion to photon latency, Lenses are grounded in the physical world.

A close partnership between WaveOptics and Snap enabled the teams to embed the reference design from the off and make recommendations throughout.

The outcome

Built for creators, Spectacles enable you to create the world you want to see. Fully integrated with Lens Studio, Spectacles enable creators to build and interact with their Lenses in real time, tapping into Snap’s expansive AR ecosystem.

At 134 grams, you can bring Snap’s world of augmented reality anywhere for boundless creativity and exploration. You can easily share the experience with your friends right from Spectacles.