28° Micro-LED Projector is the perfect pairing with the Asguard waveguide

Micro-LED Projector

Small form factor

Early stage development in miniaturisation


Loki projector is a demonstrator model – not commercially available.

Loki in detail
  • Projection type Colour Sequential
  • MTF 18 cycles/degree
  • Flux at exit pupil >8 lumins/watt
  • Exit pupil diameter 3×2.6mm
  • Exit pupil standoff 4.4mm
  • Operating temperature 10 to 55°C
  • Storage temperature -20 to 70°C


  • Weight – 6g


  • Projector Type:   Micro-LED
  • Orientation:   Landscape
  • Aspect Ratio:   4:3 VGA

Field of view


Display Resolution

640×480 Pixels


10.26 x 8.42 x 19.04
h x w x l mm
Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal application for Loki?
Loki was designed as a demonstration model only and is not available for commercial purposes. It was made for the Leopard AR smartglass demo in August 2021. Leopard went on to be finalists in the AWE Auggie Best Headworn Device Award. The winner of this category was our parent company, Snap Inc, with next generation Spectacles.

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