WaveOptics’ augmented reality waveguides and projectors unlock the potential of AR smartglasses and AR headsets for the consumer market. Learn more about us by reading the Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch via Contact page.

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Waveguides FAQs

How does the technology work?

WaveOptics’ creates transparent optical waveguides for full colour, near-eye augmented reality displays. Formed from glass with precision nano-structures, the technology is the combiner for augmented reality images.

With a large eye-box and a wide field of view, WaveOptics’ diffractive waveguides seamlessly combine real and virtual worlds. Crisp text and imagery is projected by our near-eye displays, presenting computer images which overlay the real world.

The light is transmitted along the waveguide (via total internal reflection) towards the output region where it is guided towards the eye.

This process, known as 2D pupil expansion, allows a small light engine to support a large eye-box. This enables an AR device that uses our waveguides to be small, light and can accommodate different head sizes and eye separations.