iF Design Award 2021 winner Pegatron AiR using Titan module

Pegatron AiR winning iFdesign award 2021 waveguide
iF Design Award 2021 winner Pegatron AiR using Titan module

WaveOptics would like to congratulate our customer, Pegatron Corporation, on winning the prestigious iF Design Award 2021.

Announced in April 2021 as winners of the Product discipline, Pegatron’s AiR is a pair of augmented reality smartglasses using WaveOptics’ Titan module.

Pegatron Corporation, headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan is a manufacturer of AR wearables. They launched their AiR in 2020 following 13-24 months of development. It is designed to help industry professionals connect via messaging and suitable as a medical assistant with an image diagnostic tool to help doctors with decision-making based on past relevant cases. AiR is also ideal for consumers as a life widget, such as travelling with navigational aids.

The AiR was a joint prototype project between WaveOptics and Pegatron which was disclosed in early 2019.

• Based on WaveOptics’ Titan module (click here to learn more)
• 40-degree field of view
• Binocular (in both lenses)
• Suitable for all eye types as can be used while wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses

Pegatron’s AiR combined AR & AI into a smart glass to demonstrate technology to the market.

• Controlled using a smartphone or multi-function wearable wrist controller
• Comfortable & stylish for daily use
• Fully adjustable for different head sizes
• Suitable for outdoor visibility with detachable cover lens

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All photo credit to Pegatron Corp