Rokid Unveils “Project Aurora” Smart Vision Technology at CES 2019

Rokid Unveils “Project Aurora” Smart Vision Technology at CES 2019

SAN CARLOS, CA, Jan, 07, 2019 — Rokid, the artificial intelligence, AR, and robotics maker today introduces Project Aurora, the fully-immersive smart glasses equipped with AR for game and entertainment in a 3D experience.

Project Aurora is a combination of Rokid’s state-of-the-art binocular lenses, computer vision, AR and AI that function as a 3D virtual device extension of users’ existing electronic interfaces (including phones, laptops, gaming consoles and tablets), enabled to greatly improve users’ entertainment and gaming experiences.

“With the mission of extending mobile device capabilities and experiences, we’re excited to announce Rokid’s Project Aurora,” said Reynold Wu, Head of Product and Business Operations for Rokid U.S. “By leveraging the ever-increasing computing power of mobile devices, Project Aurora supplements these robust experiences by providing a lightweight form factor, industry-leading display quality, and multimodal handsfree input. Project Aurora will connect consumers to rich, immersive AR content and experiences that were previously unattainable with such a lightweight smartglass, and we’re excited to share how the future looks through it.”

Users experience new ways to access media and games, interact with documents, produce content, and bring ideas to life utilizing Project Aurora’s camera and depth sensor. Rokid’s Aurora onboard sensors use 6 DoF for spatial content. Optics on the Aurora feature a 40-degree Field of View (FOV), 3D stereo binocular display with 1280×720 high-resolution, and waveguide optical system. It will be compatible with most computing devices: including Android phones, Nintendo Switch, iPad pro, and most popular laptops and game consoles.

“We are delighted to be working with Rokid, one of the industry’s leading innovators.” says David Hayes, CEO of WaveOptics. “Rokid’s new Project Aurora is a testament to the pace at which the AR industry is evolving and is a great example of the progressive innovation in smart glasses we will see in 2019 and beyond. With high quality being key to delivering an immersive user experience, WaveOptics waveguides has been proven to meet the demands of visual performance as well as design and can be manufactured at scale.”

In addition to the reveal of Project Aurora, Rokid also today announces an update on Rokid Glass, the first lightweight all-in-one AR glasses Rokid introduced at CES 2018, for which the company was awarded the 2018 CES Innovation Award.

Since the prototype debuted at CES 2018 in January, Rokid Glass has undergone months of subsequent research and development to achieve a newly-designed, lighter, sleeker and more durable form factor. With months of pilot program with its early partners, Rokid is excited to announce that Rokid Glass is nearing mass-production with plans to begin shipping in spring of 2019. Rokid Glass is designed as an open hardware and software platform where all clients and partners can build industrial and enterprise software use-cases. Various applications include manufacturing, product inspection, field service and remote conferencing.

The final version of Rokid Glass greatly improves upon the slim design of its early prototype with a 40% reduction in size – making it not only beautifully designed, but highly efficient at dissipating heat and comfortably accommodating for more than 90% of head shapes and pupil distances.

Additionally, the final version of Rokid Glass achieves the following improvements and updates:

  • At only 120 grams, the entire device is extremely lightweight and is a mere 1/4 of the weight of Microsoft’s HoloLens.
  • Near-sighted users can also use the device using easily installed corrective lenses.


Project Aurora Specs & Hardware


  • Weight
  • ~120g
  • Optics:


      • 3D stereo binocular display
      • 40 degrees FOV (field of view)
      • 1280×720 high-resolution display
      • Waveguide optical system


  • Sensors:


      • RGB Camera
      • Dual depth cameras
      • Inertial Measuring Unit with 9-Axis multiple integrated sensors
      • 6DoF tracking and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping)


  • Audio:


    • Stereo Speakers
  • Connectivity:
    • USB-C Connector supports USB3.1

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About Rokid Corporation, Ltd.

Rokid is a technology company specializing in AR and AI with product expertise across artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, software, hardware, and manufacturing. Founded in 2014, Rokid has headquarters in Hangzhou, China as well as research labs and offices in Beijing and San Francisco. Rokid has almost 500 employees globally, including more than 20 PhDs and more than 100 MAs, including prominent scientists, engineers, and business leaders. Rokid is backed with funding from prominent investors such as Temasek, Credit Suisse, IDG Capital and CDIB Capital. Their first U.S. product debut, Rokid Glass, was awarded the 2018 CES Innovation Award and selected by WIRED as one of The Best 10 Gadgets at CES 2018. Rokid also has an extensive product portfolio and brand awareness in Asia, for which it has also received multiple CES Innovation Awards in previous years.