WaveOptics and Compal sign strategic partnership agreement to develop AR wearables

WaveOptics and Compal sign strategic partnership agreement to develop AR wearables

London: 8th January 2019 – WaveOptics, the leading designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguides for use in Augmented Reality (AR) wearables, has formed a strategic partnership with Compal, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart devices and notebook PCs.


This agreement enables Compal and WaveOptics to develop AR wearables for the growing AR smart glasses market. Compal will provide full systems integration services for AR smart glasses, including a high quality manufacturing capability.

AR glasses can be used across a range of industry applications, and further enhanced using the space perception function of Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM), including mixed reality for online training and 3D reconstruction of medical applications.

David Hayes, CEO at WaveOptics, commented:

“This collaboration with Compal, one of the leading players in design and manufacture of consumer electronics, is another important partnership for us.

“Through our work with partners like Compal, we will be able meet enterprise and mass consumer demands for high-quality AR wearables that can be manufactured at scale – a challenge the industry has struggled to achieve to date.

“We look forward to working with the team at Compal to bring AR wearables to the mass market.”


JS Liang, Vice President at Compal, said:

“We are dedicated to providing a holistic AR smart glasses experience and great quality manufacturing services and believe that the SLAM function is a key feature in AR smart glasses.

“WaveOptics’ optical modules provide an unparalleled visual experience and offer high design flexibility, with a large eye-box and a very wide Field of View.

“Users will enjoy the incredibly immersive experience made possible by WaveOptics’ waveguides and we expect high industry adoption to drive quick growth in the AR glasses market.”

 Compal strives for excellence in AR wearable design, development and manufacturing services, and offers AR core modules which provide high flexibility to fulfil various industry applications.

WaveOptics’ waveguides are designed with superior optical performance and mass manufacture in mind. The patented waveguide technology allows the creation of a large viewing window in which to experience AR, providing immersive AR experiences for industrial, enterprise, and consumer applications.




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About WaveOptics

WaveOptics is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguides, the key optical component in wearable augmented reality (AR) devices.

AR wearables, such as smart glasses, enable users to see computer-generated images overlaid on top of the real world.  There are two key elements that allow these images to be seen – a light source such as a minute projector and a means of transferring the image from the projector into the user’s eyes.

WaveOptics’ waveguide technology transfers the light waves from the light source and projects them into the user’s eye. The technology produces a large eye-box, binocular viewing and a high field of view. The eye-box (the viewing window) is the size of the AR display from which the full image is visible. WaveOptics’ waveguides deliver crisp, undistorted text as well as stable imagery.

WaveOptics technology is designed to be used for immersive AR experiences in Industrial, enterprise and consumer markets. The Company aims for its waveguides to be the core optical component used in all AR wearable devices, driven by its unique technology and expertise, which enable unparalleled manufacturing scalability and visual performance as well as versatility for numerous applications.

About Compal

Established in 1984, Compal has grown to its present scale with outstanding management and solid R&D capacity. As the leading design and manufacturing service company, Compal build the long term partnership with global customers and produce 5C products, such as notebook computers, tablets, wearable devices, LCD TVs and smart phones. Furthermore, Compal integrate its products into IoT applications of smart home, smart car and smart healthcare fields to being a total solution provider.

As the Fortune 500 Company, Compal’s consolidated revenue reached US$29.2Bn in 2017 and ranked as the Top 6 manufacturer in Taiwan. Its innovation achievements bring the company been ranked as the Global Top 100 Innovation Companies in iF Award. Compal is headquartered in Neihu District of Taipei, Taiwan with manufacturing sites and after-sale service centers in China, USA, Vietnam, Brazil, Poland, Mexico and India. For more information, please visit: www.compal.com