28⁰ – the industry’s thinnest and lightest waveguide

Ground-breaking, 7grams 1.15mm

Light as a feather, wafer thin

Solves an industry-wide problem

Answering the need for new form factor designs

Katana’s thin, light design unlocks the potential for true mass market commercialisation as it enables a new range of form factor designs for smart glasses and AR headsets. As 5G and connected devices become mainstream, we expect to see an exponential rise in investment in the AR wearables market, especially in the consumer electronics sector.

Prism award-winning

At SPIE Photonics West 2020

Launched 2020, in the USA at SPIE and in Europe at MWC, Barcelona, Katana has since been selected as the best waveguide for AR consumer smartglass prototypes and reference designs worldwide,


Katana is a one plate waveguide platform ranging between 28° – 30° field of view.

Katana in detail
  • Dimensions 60 x 30mm
  • Eye Box 12 x 11mm
  • Weight 7.0g
  • Thickness 1.15mm
  • Input Grating Diameter 5mm
  • Nominal Eye Relief 24mm


  • 1 plate waveguide
  • 3D CAD available
  • Infinite focal distance

LED Centre Wavelengths & Bandwidth

  • R   617nm (15)
  • G   528nm (74)
  • B   466nm (26)

Field of View

Diagonal (side injected)


160 nits/lumns


ANSI white checkerboard
Frequently asked questions

Who is Katana ideal for?
Light weight, low cost, low power, smart glasses design.

What is a suitable use case?
Simple notification and communication applications for example.

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The launch story
"New waveguide is the thinnest and lightest available, driving technology industry ambitions for consumer AR wearables forward"