Part of the Vulcan 40⁰ platform family – the most popular choice for our industrial customers

Ideal for enterprise use cases

Thousands of units built into AR headsets worldwide

Compelling field of view

Answering the need for proven waveguide technology

Vulcan is the solution for applications such as virtual live assistance, warehouse picking, safety solutions in heavy industries and more

Leading ODMs choose Vulcan

Pegatron won the iF Design Award for AiR glasses (below)

Light weight smart glasses design where colour and complexity of AR headset is more than just notification-based use cases


Vulcan is a two plate waveguide platform with 40° field of view.

Vulcan in detail
  • Dimensions 39.14 x 44.14mm
  • Eye Box 19 x 15mm
  • Weight 12.0g
  • Thickness 3.1mm
  • Input Grating Diameter 4mm
  • Nominal Eye Relief 25mm


  • 2 plate waveguide
  • 3D CAD available
  • Infinite focal distance

LED Centre Wavelengths & Bandwidth

  • R   620nm (15)
  • G   530nm (74)
  • B   460nm (26)

Field of view

Diagonal (top injected)


175 nits/lumns


ANSI white checkerboard
Frequently asked questions

Who is Vulcan ideal for?
Customers looking for a proven, robust solution for an AR eyewear optical engine.

What is a suitable use case?
Remote assistance, healthcare, warehouse picking and packing, mining – the possibilities are endless!

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D08, also referred to as one of the Vulcan models, is part of our family of waveguide platforms which are designed to help our prosumer customers design an industrial-ready, robust, long-wearing product to enable the users to connect, collaborate and increase efficiency using AR.