56⁰ widest field of view for immersive user experience

Immersive Experience

Great for multi screen uses, connecting and videos

Wins the FOV in the game of trade offs

Suitable for headsets

This is an ideal solution for the likes of simulators and training as one may require for scenarios such as flying or driving

Full colour, ultra high FOV and periphery vision

Three plate waveguide stack

Plates for each colour enable very clear content and rich colours


Odin is a three plate waveguide platform ranging between 55° – 60° field of view.

Odin in detail
  • Dimensions 51 x 50.2mm
  • Eye Box 12 x 11mm
  • Weight 7.0g
  • Thickness 2.65mm
  • Input Diameter 4mm
  • Eye Relief 18mm


  • 3 plate waveguide
  • 3D CAD available
  • Infinite focal distance

LED Centre Wavelengths & Bandwidth

  • R   624nm (15)
  • G   522nm (74)
  • B   460nm (26)

LED Centre Wavelengths & Bandwidth

Diagonal (top injected)

LED Centre Wavelengths & Bandwidth

50 nits/lumns

LED Centre Wavelengths & Bandwidth

ANSI white checkerboard
Frequently asked questions

Who is Odin ideal for?
Those looking for a large display for maximum content experience.

What is a suitable use case?
Wide ranging applications where a headset or helmet is an acceptable form factor.

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